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Privacy policy for the use of TeamDrive software and associated cloud services

Our application has been designed from the ground up to protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality when using the cloud and collaborating over the Internet (Privacy by Design). The information listed here is intended to provide you with relevant information in short, easy-to-understand words to explain what data is collected when you use TeamDrive, where it is stored and who can view which data. If you require detailed technical explanations, you are welcome to request them from the offices listed below or view them on our website.


1)     Indication of the responsible body and data protection

TeamDrive Systems GmbH
Max-Brauer-Allee 50
22765 Hamburg


Phone:      040 / 60 77 09 300
Fax:          040 / 38 90 44 33



You can reach us for data protection questions at:

Data Protection
℅ TeamDrive Systems GmbH
Max-Brauer-Allee 50
22765 Hamburg




2) Collection and processing of your personal data when using the TeamDrive software

We process personal data in compliance with the provisions of the DSGVO and the Federal Data Protection Act 2018 (BDSG-neu).

The processing of personal data is carried out primarily for the execution of concluded contracts or as part of measures to offer you secure cloud services via our zero-knowledge cloud infrastructure. (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO)

User registration / User account

To use the TeamDrive application, you must register with TeamDrive using your email address. You must confirm that you are the owner of the email address. The email address is used for your authentication and is linked to your user account. You can change your email address at any time and must confirm any changes to your email address. You will receive notifications from TeamDrive, invitations from other users and technical information via this email address. In addition, you assign yourself a user name and a password. Passwords are always encrypted in your client (Bcrypt) and never reach the TeamDrive servers unencrypted.

If you delete or have deleted your user account, all stored information associated with that account will be irretrievably deleted. A user account can be deleted at any time, unless there is a contractual relationship with the user which opposes a deletion. In this case, the contractual relationship must first be cancelled or terminated.

The following personal data is stored with the use of the application:

- Email address (authenticated)
- User name (freely selectable)
- User password (already encrypted in the client and then transmitted)
- IP address (14 days) and time of last access-
- Device name (device name)

In the event that your company or a business partner has pre-registered you with your email address, you will receive information by email. You must then confirm the use and your authenticity via the link provided and complete the registration. (see above). If you do not respond to the invitation, your email address will be completely deleted after 90 days with all data.

Data synchronization / data storage

In the TeamDrive application, you create spaces or accept an invitation to a space and join that space. Only you and the space members displayed in the space have access to the data in the respective space. No one else can see the data of the space. Outside of a space there is no information about who is in a space member and no metadata like space name or file name is visible. You can work with your Space members anonymously and in complete confidence within a Space.

A space is a data room (a monitored folder with contents). TeamDrive synchronizes the contents of the Space and all changes therein to the client installations (terminals) of the Space members. All data (new files or changes) is highly encrypted and stored in the cloud in encrypted form before leaving the client. Authorized clients of the Space members download the encrypted data and decrypt it with the keys that only the members of a Space have. All encryption and synchronization processes run fully automatically.

The end-to-end encryption this achieves provides all TeamDrive users with the greatest possible security and confidentiality that a system can offer today.

As a TeamDrive user, you have the free choice of a server to store your encrypted data. As a rule, you will receive a preset server in the TeamDrive Cloud. TeamDrive uses data centers in Germany that meet all the requirements of the DSGVO. When creating a new space, you decide which server is to synchronize your encrypted data and define retention periods if required.

All data that are permanently deleted in the Spaces are irretrievably deleted. There is a technical delay in the final deletion of your data in the TeamDrive Cloud of 7 calendar days. Afterwards, all data deleted by you can no longer be recovered.

Storage of usage data in the TeamDrive Cloud

Each Space belongs to a user and is assigned to this user. All spaces are identified and stored by an ID (sequential number). The size of the current occupancy and the IP traffic are saved. This data is used for settlement and controlling. The IP traffic is reset to 0 on the 1st day of a new month.

As part of a referral program, TeamDrive users receive additional free cloud storage for each new TeamDrive user they win. For this purpose, invitations to external email addresses are referenced anonymously. After successful new user acquisition, the number of new customers acquired is stored in the user account and the cloud memory expands the user. No data remain in the system who invited whom.

Use of cookies when using the TeamDrive Web Client

So-called cookies are used in our TeamDrive WebClient. Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser and stored on your computer. The use of cookies serves to make TeamDrive more user-friendly. For example, it is possible to recognize the user for the duration of the session without constantly having to re-enter username and password. The cookies do not damage your computer and are deleted after the end of your session. The basis for data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 f DSGVO. Some of the cookies we use are deleted immediately after closing your browser (so-called session cookies).

Other cookies remain on your end device and make it possible to recognize your browser the next time you visit (persistent cookies).

If you do not wish cookies to be used, you can set your browser so that cookies are not accepted. Please note, however, that in this case you may not be able to use all the functions of our application.

Email News and Newsletter

Please note that service messages and messages are received from the TeamDrive application, are absolutely necessary for the operation of the application and cannot be cancelled. As soon as you delete your TeamDrive user account, you will no longer receive any messages from the TeamDrive system.

You can subscribe individually to our separate newsletter distribution list via our website. This newsletter will always be as such and will inform you about the corresponding unsubscribe options.


3) Passing on your personal data when using the TeamDrive software and duration of storage

We use the following cloud providers and their data centers in Germany to store and provide computing power for our cloud services. We do not grant any of these hosting providers access to our data.

Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur
Germany (German)

Hosting of all TeamDrive data and operation of the servers on which TeamDrive runs, as well as backup of data, sending of emails initiated by the customer (e.g. invitation of users).

MailJet GmbH
Rankestr. 21, 107898 Berlin
Germany (German)

Sending of emails whose sending has been initiated by the customer (e.g. invitation of users)


Duration of storage and deletion

If you delete or have deleted your account, all stored information associated  that account will be irretrievably deleted. A user account can be deleted at any time, unless there is a contractual relationship with the user which opposes a deletion. In this case, the contractual relationship must first be cancelled or terminated.

The storage period shall also be determined in accordance with the statutory limitation periods. In principle, however, the data is processed and stored for as long as is necessary to maintain our business relationship (use of the TeamDrive software). It should be noted that a business relationship is a continuing obligation that lasts for years. The statutory retention periods, which may result from the contractual relationship, remain unaffected by this. (e.g. invoices, offers ...)


4) Your rights as a data subject

You have the right to obtain information about your personal data. You can contact us for information at any time.

In the case of a request for information which is not made in writing, we ask for your understanding that we may require proof from you that you are the person you claim to be.

Furthermore, you have the right to correction or deletion or to restriction of the processing to the extent to which you are legally entitled to do so.

Finally, you have the right to object to the processing within the framework of the statutory provisions.

The right to data transfer also exists within the framework of data protection regulations.


5) Right of appeal to a supervisory authority

You have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of personal data by us.


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